About us

 Enjoy the Moment 

                  We all go through the hustle and bustle of life, not ever taking a second  to truly appreciate each moment. The world is truly a miracle in of itself. Coastal Regions is so thankful to call Earth home. James the founder of Coastal Regions found his creativity when he was close to the ocean. The coast, mixed with a strong passion for art and design, lead Jimmy to the creation of an adventure brand in the clothing industry. Tori found her inspiration in the mountains and forrest. Tori’s love of nature and her passion for nutrition, lead to the development of new energizing nutritional foods for any adventure. James and Tori met early in their lives spending time exploring each others passions. They joined forces to create an adventure brand Coastal Regions. Coastal Regions creates unique apparel and nutritional snacks for the professional and amateur adventure lovers. Coastal stands for exploring the waterways and coast lines. Regions represents adventuring into the wilderness and through the mountains. Whether you’re finding the next trail to ski, riding a wave, or cutting the path for a hike, there is always an adventure waiting to be created. Dream big and thank you for the support! A portion of all proceeds will go to cleaning Earths oceans.

Reach out with any inquires! We are happy to help. Coastalregions.store@gmail.com